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$25: receive 1 copy of the 10th Anniversary CD 

$50: receive 1 copy of the CD + a lyrics booklet 

$75: receive 2 copies of the CD + 2 lyric booklets 

$100: receive 2 copies of the CD, 2 lyric booklets & a Bébé La La mask or Bandana~! 

$250: receive 4 copies of the CD, 4 lyric booklets, a Bébé La La mask or Bandana & other mementos! 

$500-$1000: receive 4 copies of the CD, 4 lyric booklets, 2 Bébé La La masks or Bandanas & other mementos plus a private outdoor house patio concert ;-)!

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Wow, what a long strange trip it’s been! 2020, that is! The year that we’d all like to forget! But it’s also the year that marks the 10th anniversary of Bébé La La’s harmonious union and of sharing our music, and friendship with you!  And that’s been a long wonderful trip!

We were so excited to get back into the studio last fall to start recording our 10th Anniversary CD, and we were moving full speed ahead!  Then, IT happened… and everything came to a screeching halt! It would have been really cool to release our 10th Anniversary CD (the follow up to our award winning 2015 debut CD, High Wire) in our 10th year, but alas, at this point, we’ll be happy to be done with 2020 and look forward to the new release in 2021, our 11th year! AND THAT’S WHERE YOU COME IN! So we are rallying the forces – YOU! – and kicking off our 10th Anniversary CD Fundraiser Campaign!  WE NEED YOUR HELP! Just CLICK THE TOP BUTTON TO MAKE A DONATION! 

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