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Wow, what a long strange trip it’s been! 2020 was the year we’d all like to forget! But, it was also the year that marked the 10th anniversary of Bébé La La! So, it’s not all bad! We hoped to release our sophomore CD (the follow up to our award-winning debut release, High Wire) in 2020, but of course that couldn't happen with the pandemic, which put all of our lives (& projects!) on hold! We were so excited to get back into the studio back in the fall of 2019 to start recording our 10th Anniversary CD with the Bébé La La Band, featuring drummer Arnaldo Acosta and our longtime awesome bassist Mike Fox (who has since moved back to his home in NC- wah)! We were moving full speed ahead and the guys laid down the necessary foundation for 6 songs, plus some special guests joined us in the studio to add some beautiful instrumentation! Then, IT happened… and everything came to a screeching halt! 

It would have been really cool to release our 10th Anniversary CD in our 10th year, but we couldn't do that.  We have, however, continued to work slowly but surely on those 6 tunes plus three more, with our wonderful co-producer and recording engineer John Wall, Wall of Sound Studio, so that we can share the music with you sooner than later! 

AND THAT GETS US TO THE HERE AND NOW!  We’re almost there! We are done tracking in the studio; we have fully edited and mixed four songs - two of which have also been mastered! Plus, we just completed our very first Bébé La La Music Video (See Above!) featuring our namesake song, "Bébé La La, which will of course be on the new album!  It's OUR GIFT TO YOU! made possible by our videographer/director Rob Raucci, Two Spirits One Voice Films, who donated all his services to make it happen! We also submitted Alicia's song – "One Minute At A Time!"– to the NM Music Awards and received a nomination in the Best Adult Contemporary/Pop category! So, in other words, we have made A LOT of progress, all pandemics aside! 

HERE'S THE THING: We still have 5 more songs to edit, mix and master, and then we have to do all the production (getting the CDs printed, artwork, etc.)! It's a big undertaking and it requires many hours of work from us and especially from our brilliant engineer, John Wall, without whom none of this would be possible! We have enjoyed every minute of it and we know it's worth the effort!  We also think you are going to love it!  We have also done our best to finance the project ourselves as much as we can, along with our friends and fans' donations, which helped us to get as far as we have, but IN ORDER TO MOVE FORWARD AND FINISH THIS SPECIAL CD,  WE NEED YOUR HELP! 

HELP US TO THE FINISH LINE! Please consider making a donation today! We really think you're going to love this CD and we can't wait to be able to share it with you in a CD release celebration of music, friendship & love!

We're Back! Performing Live!

Previous events


Mary Dezember's Creatives in Conversation presents Bébé La La ~ A Wonderful Series of Unexpected Events!

 — (MDT, UTC-06) — (MDT, UTC-06)


Join Alicia & Maryse via zoom for this wonderful series presented by poet, author, arts scholar, and arts & creativity advocate Mary Dezember! Alicia and Maryse will perform live and speak about their musical journey, their longtime collaboration and their upcoming sophomore release! Free! Simply sign up for Mary's newsletter on her website and after registering, you will be emailed the Zoom link on the day of the event!


The Bébé La La Band & Roger Jameson & The Jaded Heart Band

Casa Flamenca, 401 Rio Grande Blvd NW, Albuquerque, NM

AMP Concerts Emerge From The Pandemic Live Music Series at Casa Flamenca's beautiful outdoor space. Buy Tickets at

All Covid safe practices in place (no masks required if vaccinated, otherwise masks suggested) Water, soda, sparkling water, chips & cookies and light snacks available More info at


4th Annual Burque Bee City Pollination Celebration


National Pollinator Week is an international celebration of the valuable ecosystem services provided by bees, birds, butterflies, bats, and beetles. It is a time to celebrate pollinators and spread the word about what you can do to protect them. In 2016, the Albuquerque City Council unanimously approved Albuquerque as the first Bee City USA in the Southwest. The Open Space Visitor Center and Albuquerque Bees Center manage hives at that are used for teaching students of New Mexico state certified beekeeping program.


Bébé La La: A Live Streaming Event! (Courtesy of AMP Concerts)

A secret Albuquerque neighborhood!, Albuquerque

AMP Concerts is reaching out to local artists to give them work and give you entertainment in these difficult times. AMP maintains a fund to pay for community projects, which have primarily been school programs and artist residencies. In this time of crisis, AMP is using those funds to hire local artists and tech crews to create streaming events—and to act as a catalyst for the community to support art as well.

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